DICOM is a consultant, provider, integrator of system for the leading air traffic management. Our flexible, reliable solutions are available to aviation service provider airport, airlines and system integrators for the rapid development of the global aviation market.

ATC Tower

DICOM provides a comprehensive solution from surveying, researching, designing and installing communication systems for ATC tower. DICOM’s overall integration solution ensures smooth communication between air traffic controllers and pilots through VCCS, multiplexer system, A/G VHF system, automated airport weather system, master clock system as well as coordination system with other air traffic control Towers.

DICOM Advantage


DICOM’s ATC tower solution provides a continuously working system without a single failure point, improves safety and situational awareness, enhances operator efficiency, and overcomes capacity constraints.


DICOM’s solution fits a wide range of systems and equipment and is easy to upgrade for future application.


We have extensive experience in implementing communication systems for ATC towers, from local, smaller airports to larger airports with traffic flows of tens of millions of passengers yearly.

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Mobile ATC Tower

In emergency situations such as wars, natural disasters, or training exercises, it is necessary to quickly deploy systems for air-to-ground operation. Mobile ATC Tower will be deployed rapidly to serve the takeoff and landing operations of planes and helicopters. Mobile ATC Tower solution is specially designed to provide customers with full features of a fixed ATC tower but has the flexibility, mobility, and endurance to perform in harsh environments. It meets all requirements: compact, a self-contained system, easy to transport, quick to deploy, and easy to use.

The control cabin has all the equipment and instrumentation needed to provide the following ATC services:

  • HF/VHF/UHF radio communication systems for Ground-to-Air and Ground-to-Ground communication;
  • Voice Communication Control System with a load capacity up to 4 operators with comfortable work spaces;
  • Voice Recorder System;
  • Meteorological System;
  • Navigation Aid Systems: ILS, DVOR, DME, NDB and DF;
  • GPS clock system
  • Lighting and Air-conditioned system;
  • UPS, DC distribution panel;
  • Accessories: light gun, fire extinguisher, crash alarm.

With 360° view from the control cabin, the operator will have a panoramic view of the scene to analyze and to make decisions in all situations.

The windows are designed to eliminate solar reflections and contain a film for filtering the solar radiation. The platform is fitted with a scissor lifting system with fully automated hydraulic drive, capable of reaching its maximum height in five minutes.

A trailer with a towing system can fit a variety of different vehicles.

All hydraulic and electrical systems are powered by a Generating Power Unit, and all the components have been selected to assure a high level of reliability and resistance to the most extreme climates.

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Area Control Center (ACC)

ACC, also known as en-route center or area control that Air traffic controllers issue clearances and instructions to aircraft and may also provide ATC services to smaller airports.

Given the sharp increase in air traffic, air navigation service providers are faced with several challenges to ensure that they continue to control flights safely, orderly and punctually.

DICOM’s ACC solutions enhance information sharing and bring a predictable and reliable workspace for the controllers, built with a close combination of voice communication control systems, navigation systems, surveillance systems, and aviation support services systems, such as: meteorology and search and rescue, aviation news. ACC ensures high performance, efficiency and safety in air traffic control.

In order to expand control over the entire FIR coverage area, DICOM provides frequencies to offset and delay compensation solution that helps ACC controllers manage remote areas that traditional solutions could not reach. This solution saves frequency resources, enhances reliability and safety in air traffic control

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