ICS2020 Voice Communication Control System (VCCS)

Based on standardized IP architecture, which fully complies with the latest international standards, EUROCAE ED-137B/C, our ICS2020 VCCS offers the best solution for mission-critical communication systems in Air Traffic Management, Public Safety and Defense in addition to providing flexible and cost-effective solutions that meet all requirements for scalability, availability, reliability, and safety

Applying standards for aviation and mission-critical communication systems, ICS2020 is designed according to distributed architecture with high levels of redundancy: module redundancy, equipment redundancy, and controller working position redundancy. This ensures that the system operates continuously and steadily without any single point of failure.

The VCCS can be implemented for a completely IP-based system, connecting all VoIP devices via Ethernet interfaces or a complex system composed of analog and VoIP devices connected via Media Gateways.

All relevant information is gathered together, integrated, and presented on an intuitive GUI Interface of Controller Working Position (CWP), which allows the operator to easily make calls, use push-to-talk radios, conference calls, cross-communication, and other advanced functions.