DICOM is a consultant, provider, integrator of system for the leading air traffic management. Our flexible, reliable solutions are available to aviation service provider airport, airlines and system integrators for the rapid development of the global aviation market.

Voice Communication

Understanding the extremely important roles of communication systems in air traffic management, we always make our best effort to provide customers with optimal solutions based on technical calculations, designs, installations and integrating comprehensive systems with the highest performance and quality.

The iCS2020 Voice Communication and Control System meets EUROCAE ED-137B standards for aviation applications, helps operators perform mission-critical easily via the control screen. This solution is suitable for deploying end-to-end IP implementations for approach and area control centers of any size.

Integrated incident management tools provide a complete and objective view of all sources of information. For quick, efficient and confidential investigations, the recording solution provides a visual view of what happened by replaying stored files in the database, exporting necessary files and analyzing incident.

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ATC Tower

DICOM provides a comprehensive solution from surveying, researching, designing and installing communication systems for ATC tower. DICOM’s overall integration solution ensures smooth communication between air traffic controllers and pilots through VCCS, multiplexer system, A/G VHF system, automated airport weather system, master clock system as well as coordination system with other air traffic control Towers.

DICOM Advantage


DICOM’s ATC tower solution provides a continuously working system without a single failure point, improves safety and situational awareness, enhances operator efficiency, and overcomes capacity constraints.


DICOM’s solution fits a wide range of systems and equipment and is easy to upgrade for future application.


We have extensive experience in implementing communication systems for ATC towers, from local, smaller airports to larger airports with traffic flows of tens of millions of passengers yearly.

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