Automated Weather Observing System (AWOS)

D-AW21 is fully compliant with ICAO and WMO requirements up to CAT III airports.

The D-AW21 measures, process, store, and display meteorological elements; use them to create aviation meteorological product such as METAR/ SPECI, MET REPORT/ SPECIAL.

By continuously providing real-time weather conditions at the airport, especially the alert of hazardous conditions, the D-AW21 helps air traffic controllers, pilots, and aeronautical meteorologists to make an important decision during the taking-off and landing of an aircraft 

Main feature

System monitoring: Monitoring the entire system operation: Server, terminal, transmission line. Real-time alerts and notifications for users when there is any abnormality or problem. Textbox and sound alerts.

Data monitoring: Monitor the entire process of collecting data from sensors. Automatically notify and alert users in real-time when data is missing. Notification forms: textbox and sound.

User management and system configuration: Users need permission to log in to the system and use the system software. Customized configuration to ensure acquiring, processing, and displaying data following user requirements.

Input Supplementary Information, Windshear and TREND: forecast Manually enter Supplementary Information, Windshear alert, and TREND forecast.

Data processing and archiving:  Processing data following ICAO and WMO regulations and user requirements. Archiving data following ICAO regulations, local Civil Aviation Administration and user requirements.