Complete solution for coast stations, ports and offshore facilities. Scalable, flexible and specially solution fully complies with the specifications of international organizations such as ITU, IMO.

Dual configuration structure with a 1:1 redundancy level to ensure that the system operates continuously 24/7 without interruption when fault occurs.

Integrated VHF, MF/HF, DSC, NAVTEX equipment with high performance and reliability. The radio equipment and information technology used to ensure reliable and safety help users to save, optimize investment costs, as well as to be flexible in choosing products and equipment.

DICOM offers a solution which is integrated with multiple transceivers operating at the same time as customer requirement. GMDSS coast stations and VHF and MF/HF radio equipment are designed to comply with IMO standards and ITU specifications, including DSC, which logs conversations, data, and interface.

The software offers functions of system management and operation with Intuitive user interface, easy integration and expansion. It has customized and optimized for operations, so setting up the radio and peripherals is simple. Visual and audible alerts are automated and the system automatically prioritizes incident notifications for quick response.

Each radio transceiver has its page showing operating status, etc. Users can adjust the minimum and maximum values of these parameters to initiate external alarm processing. The color on the icons showing green is normal, yellow is an warning and red is an error, which makes it easy to get an overview of the network. Visual alerts are automatically shown on a map of all locations, indicating warnings or errors, along with a complete log of all events.