Emergency Operations Center (EOC)

An Emergency Operations Center is a central command and control facility responsible for handling emergency situations, communicating between citizens and emergency services, interoperations between emergency services, and ensuring the continuity of operations of a company, political subdivision or other organization. When an emergency incident occurs, the information is received through telephone networks and radio networks and then the incident is processed for the next steps of analysis and coordination.

Understanding the importance of handling voice information, iCS2020 solution offers an advanced voice communication control system for emergency services. It provides flexible and cost-effective solutions that meet all requirements for scalability, availability, reliability and safety. The system is fully based on IP–the most technologically advanced architecture, which integrates all relevant voice communication, such as analog and digital radio, telephone over PSTN and SIP in order to enhance operator efficiency and overcome capacity constraints.

On the other hand, the IP-based recorder solution is designed for mission-critical 24/7 operation combined with iCS2020 in order to support and analyze incidents when necessary, the recording systems capture and archive media from a wide range of communications systems, helping to improve efficiency of reception and the processing of information.

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