TACOM-21 Integrated Tactical Communication System offers a reliable and secure voice communication network over multiple communication channels for the transmission of commands, controls, and synergistic announcements through wired and wireless communication channels.

TACOM-21 ensures fast, flexible, and intelligent information connection to help commanders have timely and accurate information in decision making.

Seamlessly cross-connection between telephone and radio network: TACOM-21 integrated tactical communication system provides a full range of interfaces for connecting radios and phones. The system can be set up to automatically forward communications from the telephone via the radio system to the remote station.

Intuitive interface, easy to use: The user interface of TACOM-21 is optimally designed, the function buttons could be customized to suit the user’s requirement, allowing the system to be easy to use with a few steps of instructions.

Intelligent display: The user interface of TACOM-21 intelligently displays function buttons, video playback, supporting the ability to collect, analyze, store and distribute information, and assist the commander in making decisions timely and accurate.

Rugged and compact design: TACOM-21 has a very compact size and weight, so it is easy and maneuverable when deployed. Thanks to its environmentally durable design, the TACOM-21 integrated tactical communication system can operate in harsh conditions.

Easy to integrate, with other systems: TACOM-21 provides a wide range of interfaces for connection and control to HF/VHF/UHF radios, telephone networks, copper/fiber connection, and the VSAT satellite system. This solution increases mobility, flexibility in connectivity, helps redundancy of transmission lines, improves system reliability and availability in real-world conditions.